Sunday, December 10, 2006

Spending Time With Enlightening Individuals

I have to say that on the work front of late, just about every encounter I’ve been having is a pleasant one. I guess it stems from the fact that more often than not, the other party and I are both looking at the bigger picture and a win/win situation for all involved. It’s a very different feeling to many encounters I’ve had in the past, where it was all too easy (and the norm) to go along with selfish intentions. Now it’s totally transformed – the ego has been removed, and there’s a feeling of being part of something intangible, like a team that's collaborating collectively without actually needing to physically work together. Whatever it is, it feels right, so I’m going to keep going with it!

INQUIRY: How do you feel when encountering new (and sometimes existing) people in your life, whether work or personal? What are your intentions before, during and after? And what do you think their intentions are? Or would you prefer to drop the judgment altogether and just “let them be?”

ACTION: Over the next seven days, get in tune with your intentions when in the company of others. Make a note of how of where you’re coming from, and how you feel it may impact the encounter. Are you and they looking for a win/win situation, or do you sense something altogether more selfish? What could you do to create more benefit and value in these encounters?