Monday, February 05, 2007

Give More To Get More

What happens when we allow greed to get the better of us? Typically we end up wanting more of the same - and beyond - convincing ourselves we’re on a roll and that we deserve all that’s coming our way. Once in this routine we can easily find ourselves becoming ever-more dependent, believing satisfaction to exist only in the constant fuelling of our desires. The result? We risk become blinkered to our environment, and think more of feeding ourselves than those around us. The solution? To learn the importance of giving, because in doing so, we’re making a cause that helps others as well as ourselves.

Are You?

Always Taking Whatever Comes Your Way Without Giving Back?
Constantly On The Look Out For More?
Frightened To Give For Fear Of Not Receiving Anything By Return?

Begin making the transformation today!

What’s In It For You?

Discover How Great It Is To Give Without Expecting By Return
Learn The Importance Of ‘Paying It Forward’
Watch Your Life Expand As Your Efforts Return To You With Interest

By allowing ourselves to become consumed by greed, we lose sight of our core values - our focus becomes insular and we seek more and more to be of service to ourselves rather than to others. With such short-sightedness sure to cost us in the end, we must strive to see the reality of our desires and develop ways of being and doing that create benefit for others as well as ourselves.

How do we achieve this? Simple – we start giving to others without making demands that we receive something by return. Examples include spending time with those who are important to us, supporting those who are struggling, and even simply doing what we can to keep our word. More than anything it’s about ‘paying it forward’ through compassion and willing. Result – we become increasingly genuine and understanding as a human being, which in turn reaps benefits for all as a result of the sincerity in our cause.

INQUIRY: Be honest and ask yourself how often you feel greed getting the better of you. What effect has this had for both you and those around you; your family; your friends; and your colleagues? What is the reality that motivates this way of being and doing? What would be the benefits of transforming this into a more selfless way of life?

ACTION: Make a list of the people you should be spending more time with; the people you should be supporting; the promises you need to keep. Get a feel for the benefits you could be creating for those other than yourself - these are all good causes for which you will be rewarded.

For the next thirty days, start putting these into action; call these people; spend time with them; discover what you can do for them. Be sure to come from a place of sincerity or they may feel you’re after something. If at first this feels alien, get curious as to the reasons behind this before transforming them into ways of being and doing. Be sure not to expect anything by return. Instead, build on that sincerity you’ve been bringing to the fore and let it shine through. At the same time, continue re-investing in your life all the benefits that come your way.

Make A Habit Of Giving More To Get More

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