Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rediscover Your Lost Identity

Someone explained the concept of this during a meeting a few days ago. She described how children were born with an identity that got lost as they took their place in society, and that she was helping them re-discover it. When she had finished, I explained to her how one of my coaching programmes is specifically called Discovery because it helps the client peel back the layers of scripting they’ve built up over the years, and discover their true inner self. She agreed they sounded like one and the same.

It was fascinating to hear how she believed babies were born “perfect”, because I’d never thought it necessary to think that far back into someone’s life. Yet now it makes sense, because the child will indeed grow up feeding off its environment, thus attracting layer upon layer of scripting – which is often more negative than positive. The bulk of these scripts are created by the relationships we have with our family, our peers, and as we get older – society. But by allowing ourselves to live within the confines of these scripts, we’re keeping our potential in check. And this is wrong, because by peeling them away, we find ways to challenge and overcome the obstacles in our life and expand our horizons.

INQUIRY: What do you think or feel is your potential? What does it look like? How does it feel? What would it help you achieve for yourself and others?

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