Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This week I had a meeting with Blue Balloon Foundation which turned into a genuinely fascinating encounter. I could even describe it as the most bizarre meeting I’ve ever had, whereby nobody in the room had an agenda whatsoever, yet we all agreed we were meant to be there, and that the effect of which would soon become apparent. It was evident that we each shared parallels in our respective journeys over the last few months and years, and that there was indeed a higher purpose for our being there. Yet once again I refer to the “no need for analysis … just let it be,” in that something good will come of this when the time is right. BTW, when I say “something good,” I mean something that will be of benefit and value to many more people. For more information on the BBF, check out their website BBF.

This meeting also led to an equally mind-boggling conversation with Juliet Platt from Treetops Coaching (and Wisdom of Children). Once again, there were huge parallels with the journeys we had both taken from our respective IT backgrounds, via coaching, and then into education. There isn’t the space to go into detail here, suffice to say it was hugely inspiring to hear of Juliet’s pioneering work alongside the BBF in helping children discover their inner wisdom and potential. More will become apparent very soon.

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