Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Coincidences vs Synchronicity

Call it what you like, the subject of coincidences – otherwise referred to as synchronicity - is something most, if not all, of us have some connection with. Yet where do they come from? What causes them? What do they mean?

Thinking aloud, the first two questions may offer a clue. If something has to come from somewhere, then surely it’s origin is in the past. And if its origin is in the past, then surely something had to happen to cause it’s creation. That all sounds feasible enough … so how about combining the two: a coincidence is the result of a cause made in the past? Now, how does that sound? And perhaps more importantly, what do they mean?

Hmm, do we need an answer? Some of us do, some of us don’t. So what is it? How about this: a coincidence is the manifest effect of a cause we created in the past. In other words, we once did something to trigger this coincidence. And what if this cause was in alignment with something else in the universe, and as a result, became manifest in our lives at the time we needed it to? Now, it’s fair to say that not every coincidence has depth and meaning, but we can’t escape the fact that some do. Some are especially profound. Is that because they’re showing us something, perhaps a clue or a hint?

INQUIRY: What’s your perception of coincidence and synchronicity?

ACTION: For the next week, take a closer look at any such moments as they appear. Write them down. Now list what could have caused them, and what they might mean. Is there a pattern? Is there a connection?

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