Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fear Is The Gateway To Happiness

I heard someone mention this during the introduction to a training session recently, and I have to admit it landed really heavily with me. It was also exactly what I needed to hear, because I had been challenging my life more and more of late, and knew deep down that I had to continue doing so in order to expand my opportunities.

When given permission, fear can do so much to debilitate us. Yet when challenged and overcome, it can be banished for good, thus opening up all manner of avenues.

INQUIRY: Make a list of the things you fear in daily life and beyond. Think back over the last few days, perhaps even weeks … what obstacles and challenges have you had to overcome? And which have you chosen to shy away from?

ACTION: Now make a list of those you expect to face in the next few days. Right now, which are you likely to embrace as a challenge, and which are you likely to give in to?

Taking a look at both lists and ask yourself how much better your life would be if you were to conquer those fears. Be open and honest – you don’t have to share these with anyone. Just take a look at them by yourself. What steps could you take to conquer these fears?

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