Monday, June 26, 2006

Coming From The Heart

This is a topic I never would have approached in earnest a year ago, let alone at any other time in my life. Neither is it something that’s easy to share with just anyone – but I know it’s the right thing to be doing, so I’ll open it up with some questions and see what happens. I know that for those of you who connect with it, then great, and that for those of you who don’t, then that’s great too. This isn’t a lecture – it’s an observation shared.

INQUIRY: Ask yourself this one question: when you do or say something that comes from the heart, how does it make you feel? E.g. saying those three little words to your partner, taking care of your family, applying yourself to your work, etc.

Have a think about what all this means to you.

How much does it inspire you to develop and strengthen what you have?

ACTION: List all the words you associate with “coming from the heart.” What do the enable you to create and achieve? Make a list, then get out there and begin expressing them. If you feel uncomfortable, then push yourself just that little bit extra … see where it takes you, and what difference it makes.

Here are a few pointers: sincerity … honesty … trust … authenticity …

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