Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What Books Are Influencing You Right Now?

It seems I'm addicted to buying books wherever I go at the moment. It's not like I need any more - I've got piles building up all over the place. And I definitely have phases where I can read all the time for a month or so, then not get round to picking anything up for another month. At the moment I'm reading the following:

* Boost Your Mind Power (Bill Lucas)
* Spiral Dynamics (Beck & Cowan)
* Human Values in a Changing World (Daisaku Ikeda & Bryan Wilson)

I'm taking a break from fiction which I guess means I'm back in "absorb" mode.

INQUIRY: How about you? I'm curious to hear what you're reading right now (or of late), and the impact it's having on you. Let's remove all boundaries and include books from all genres; fiction, non-fiction, biogs, etc.

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