Monday, November 20, 2006

Law Of Attraction

This is a topic that’s been appearing more frequently of late and probably carries more weight than I previously gave it credit. And having left my investigative/analytical past behind, I’m not entirely sure what it all means. So … taking an open mind, I’m reading over some case studies while trying to get a grasp on the scientific evidence that backs it up, namely quantum physics of all things! Can’t say that’s my speciality subject, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

Other than that, it’s more-or-less making sense, explaining how the focus of our intentions and desires resonates throughout the universe, thus attracting and manifesting those very things. In other words, we tend more often than not to ‘get’ what we’re focusing on. A simple example is attracting the wrong kind of partner into our life time and time again, with the Law of Attraction explaining how this can be caused by focusing too much on the negative aspects rather than the positive – a case of “why do I always end up with people that hurt me?”

One solution is to stop taking the default option of carrying the same intentions and actions into each relationship – the expectancy of hurt and failure – and to switch attention to what it is we do want. That’s not to say this is an easy transition to make, it’s simply stating that a change in mindset is what’s needed. For some of us, that can become a journey in itself, because finding and fixing the root of the ‘problem’ is going to take more time and effort, yet reap far greater – and indeed longer term – reward. So many things can come into play here, namely clarity, confidence, courage, and not least of all the desire to change. Yet this is exactly the kind of challenge we need to develop ourselves and move on, otherwise we simply stay where we are and suffer ‘the same old story’ time and time again. One particular thing to bear in mind, however, is that when we aspire for something that is simply not right for our life, then it is very possible that that very thing may not manifest as expected. This might be perceived as guidance from the universe prompting us to look for something else in that area. Another thing that can happen is that we get what we wanted, only to discover we really didn’t want it. Again, this may be perceived as another form of guidance, whereupon it’s down to us to learn from such an experience and realign our focus on something more appropriate. This in itself is a topic ripe for discussion, and something I shall be posting on in the coming weeks.

INQUIRY: Have a look at what it is you’re attracting in your life, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent. Include as many areas of your life as you wish, especially relationships, financial, career, and personal. Which of your thoughts, words and deeds are encouraging these effects to manifest? What could you re-focus on to create a more positive effect?

ACTION: Think of something specific you’d like to achieve or attain within a month from today. The clearer you define your goal, the more likely you are to maintain a positive focus and achieve it. Grab a piece of paper and describe in detail what it looks like, feels like, and sounds like. Now list exactly what needs to happen for it to manifest as you would like. For example, if your current car is proving unreliable to the extent that it prevents you getting to and from your place of work without worry, then you could focus on attracting the right car into your life. The specifics could include manufacturer, model, engine size/type, mileage, full service history, less than five years old, safe, reliable, etc. Of course, with an example such as this, it is also important to look at whether or not the universe is prompting you to look at changing your place of work – this is something only you can decide for yourself. Similarly, you must be fair with regard to what you’re looking for, i.e. by all means push the boundaries of being realistic but not to the extent that you’re being absurd. If a £5k three-year old Astra with 75000 miles is the right car for you then focus on exactly that, rather than on a one-year old BMW for £20k.

Finally, keep this piece of paper with you and use it for focusing with every day. All the time, remember your worth whilst reminding yourself of the benefit and value you can create with this opportunity.

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