Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome To The Rightlife Blog

Hi, and thank you for visiting!

I appreciate you stopping by and hope you find something of interest here.

Most of what you’re find is based around my work as a Self Development Coach
“What’s a Self Development Coach?” you may ask …

Well, it means I help people to better understand their lives and their potential by making transformations from the inside-out.

In other words, I help them become true to themselves, and in so doing, they work out for themselves what it is they really want and how they’re going to achieve it.

Now, you may well feel sceptical about that, and you’d have every right to do so – I respect that. But, look at it this way: If there is genuinely something in your life you’re not happy with, or something you want to change, or something you specifically want to achieve, then ask yourself this: “Can you do it by yourself?”

If your answer is Yes, ask yourself how you’re going to make that a reality.
If your answer is no, ask yourself if you’d rather have someone to work with; namely someone supporting you from the side; someone who will be your sounding board; someone who will help you all the way without judging, without interrupting and without offering any kind of advice.

If the latter is more your thing, then please visit my website:
http://www.rightlifecoaching.co.uk/ and contact me.

I won’t bite, I won’t try to sell you anything, and I won’t hand out instructions on how you should be living your life.

In fact all I’ll do is listen … and if we "get on", perhaps we’ll agree to work together …

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes


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